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Why is My Drain Making Gurgling Sound?

Often when we are called out to blocked drains, customers tell us that they hear gurgling or bubbling noises in the weeks and month leading up the blockage occurring. What the customers don’t realise is that this means the drain has been blocked for a while already they just don’t realise it.

Storm Season Means Blocked Drains, What You Can Do To Prevent Them

With the wet week Brisbane is currently having and it being the first major rain of the season it is inevitable that downpipes and storm water drain are going to have blockages. After the drier winter months leaf litter and loose top soil shifts during heavy rain are likely to have run off into your downpipes and drains.

DIY Plumbing Do’s and Don’ts for the Summer Break

With the Christmas / New Year break just around the corner a lot of home DIY weekend warriors are preparing to tackle jobs that they have been putting off all year. What most of these people are not aware of is that under Queensland state law what you legally can do yourself in regards to plumbing is very limiting.

Leaking Plumbing Could Cause Termite Infestation

When homeowners hear the word termite they often break into a sweat, and rightfully so. Termites are estimated to cause about $1.5 billion a year in damage to homes in Australia alone and some estimates claim that 80% of homes in south east Queensland have some termite activity. Because of this, home insurance policies do not cover termite damage, so any repair cost will be entirely on the home owner. But many people don’t realise that aging or faulty plumbing can be one of the main factors that attract termites to your home.

Electric Hot Water Systems, a Trouble Shooting Guide

Everyone loves a nice hot shower, and there is nothing more frustrating than going to work feeling limp from your cold shower. We have all experienced hot water supply issues, so today we walk you through the simple troubleshooting steps you can take to diagnose a problem with your electric water heater.

Refrigerator Installation

When purchasing your new refrigerator you may be tempted to purchase one with the convenience of a built in automatic ice maker and continuous supply of filtered water. Unfortunately older homes don’t have the dedicated plumbing in place to supply the fridge the required water source. This is where Jetset Plumbing can help. Our qualified team can the necessary water line installation behind the refrigerator from the nearest water source. This is often beneath the kitchen sink, but could even be in the wall cavity or ceiling.

Solar Hot Water Systems

At Jetset Plumbing we supply and install new solar hot water systems, service and maintain your current solar hot water system and replace your old and inefficient water heating systems.

Drain Jetting

Our High Pressure Jetters blast through any tree roots and debris allowing flow again.

Water Efficiency Certificates

Jetset Plumbing provides a Water Efficiency Certification service for Owners, Landlords, Real Estate Agents and Lessors.

Electric Eel

There are a lot of plumbers that still use the older Electric Eel (also known as a plumbers snake or a drain snake) method today and only few that use a High Pressure Water Jetter, but which is the better choice to clear a blocked drain an Electric Eel or a High Pressure Water Jetter this is a common question asked when a blocked drain or clogged drain becomes a problem. In this article we will compare the two based on time, cost and effectiveness.