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blocked toilet

Why is My Drain Making Gurgling Sound?

Often when we are called out to blocked drains, customers tell us that they hear gurgling or bubbling noises in the weeks and month leading up the blockage occurring. What the customers don’t realise is that this means the drain has been blocked for a while already they just don’t realise it.

5 Plumbing Emergencies and How To React

By the very definition of the word, emergencies are things that need to be acted upon as quickly as possible and plumbing emergencies are no different. Whilst a tap or showerhead that drips may not be things that need to be fixed immediately some plumbing issues have to ability to not only damage your house and belonging but they can negatively affect your health as well.

South Korean Invention to Make Plungers Redundant?

As all of our plumbers will tell you unblocking a clogged toilet is not a nice job. Any time you have to put something down the drain to unblock it such as a drain snake or a plunger there is a potential for the mess of water and bacteria to get all over you. But a South Korean inventor named Seung-il Kim has changed all that with his invention the “Pung-too”.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Flush, But Probably Do

People everywhere flush things down the toilet that should never have been flushed, whether it’s to dispose of something disgusting, hide something embarrassing or give your beloved gold fish the send-off he deserves people have flushed some extremely unusual things down toilets in the past. Whilst all these things seem small enough to go down the drain, as soon as you have a crack, a rough surface or anything in your pipe these items can get snagged or hooked on, they become an ever growing blockage that needs to be fixed. Now Jetset Plumbing list the 10 things you shouldn’t flush, but probably do.

Blocked toilet filled with tree roots!

Every day the plumbers at Jetset Plumbing clear blocked drains caused by tree roots infiltrating the pipe joints in search of water. These tree roots are so strong that they can even collapse the pipe itself! The photo you can see to the left is a blocked toilet caused by tree roots. Unfortunately there are no preventative measures besides cutting down trees near pipes, which in most cases is illegal and expensive. We always recommend replacing the piece of damaged pipe as it is the most permanent fix and may never experience the problem again in that section of pipe.

Blocked Toilet

Ok so you’ve got a blocked toilet, don’t panic! Our plumbers are experts when it comes to dealing with blocked toilets. We have everything to clear your blocked toilet right on board our trucks so no matter what is causing the blockage whether it be toilet paper, toilet freshener or childrens toys we can get it cleared quickly and affordably so you can get back to the more important things.