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Jetset Plumbing is known for running promotions and doing giveaways for our customers. For years, we have run TRULY AMAZING promotions which have seen customers win trips to New York, London, Paris and even the Greek Islands, not to mention countless others.

We have also recently been engaging with our community and really making differences in peoples lives. JUST SOME of the ways we have changed some customers lives have been:

Paid off 6 months of customers MORTGAGE
Purchased GROCERIES for a customer for 6 months
Paid for a customers FUEL FOR A YEAR!
Paying for a families CHRISTMAS
And countless more ways...

To see all of our previous giveaways and promotions, check out our prize winners!


What does all of this have to do with GRANTING WISHES?

Well, we were organising our next promotion or giveaway and wanted to do something to help people that have been impacted by the outbreak of this COVID-19 pandemic.

We felt that doing something for only one person was not big enough and would not make a big enough difference.

So our next decision became,

How can we help hundreds or thousands?


We also decided that this promotion was not exclusively for Jetset Plumbing customers, such as previous promotions have been.

We decided that anyone throughout our community could enter and anyone could be a winner.

This leads us to...


So we wanted to make it really easy to enter this competition and super quick!

What you need to do to enter this promotion is:

1. Write an email explaining the wish you would granted

2. Send your email to or use the Grant A Wish form.

Then your done!

1 BIG thing to remember when making an entry:

Your wish to be granted, does not need to be Plumbing related!

This wish can be anything you can think of.

School fees, medical bills, car repairs, work around the house paid for or just a present for a loved one.

You can send an entry on your own behalf or on someone else's behalf.

JUST ENSURE your email has your contact number located somewhere on it so that if you win, we can get in contact with you!


We will be checking emails constantly and we will be drawing a winner each and every fortnight!

You will never need to wait longer to than 7 days to find out if you are a winner.

BEST PART IS your entry stays in the hat FOREVER!

So send as many entries as you would like.

Each wish should be in a seperate email for best chance to win!

Once we have narrowed down winners, we will call you to get more information and organise the next steps to the process ...

So get creative and get to writing in these wishes!


We want to be the Genie here!

So get like Aladdin and be bold!

Good luck and we look forward to hearing your wishes!

The Jetset Plumbing Team!

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