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Rinnai Hot Water Systems

Rinnai is not only an Australian favourite, but a global one. With more than 40 years’ experience in Australia, their products have been developed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Rinnai Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Rinnai has two types of gas storage systems on offer, the medium sized HotFlo model or the large sized HotFlo model. The medium sized model has a capacity of 135L, suits the vast majority of households and has a 4.7 star energy rating. The large HotFLo model holds 170L and is best for larger families or households. Although the larger model is not as energy efficient as its smaller counterpart, it is still environmentally efficient.

Rinnai Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

Rinnai have an electric model to suit any size family in any size household. These systems range from 25L to 400L and can be stored either internally or externally, model dependant. At 160L Rinnai provides a twin element configuration which allows for continually hot water even in the larger households.

Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Rinnai developed the first ever continuous flow system. Arguably a leader in this particular system, Rinnai offers 10 models of continuous systems. One of these models produced an Australian first 7-star energy rating – allowing for complete peace of mind in environmental sustainability. For households in more remote locations, the HotFlo 10 model needs no outside power to operate.

Rinnai Water Heater Services

Rinnai Solar Boosted Hot Water Systems

Rinnai’s solar powered systems are designed to withstand all the Australian climate has to offer. The Prestige models have capacities from 180L to 300L with one solar panel for the smaller tank sizes and two for the larger ones. Colourbond colours can be chosen so that these systems seamlessly meld into your roof. The grounded tank and solar panel systems are designed for larger households as the smallest capacity comes in at 250L.

Last updated: 02 Jun 2020