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So How Much Does a Hot Water System Repair Cost?

When evaluating a job such as hot water system repairs, there are many factors that come into play when it comes to pricing. Hot water system repair costs can vary depending on the complexity of the job.
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Our Hot Water Services include:

New hot water system installation
Fix leaking hot water
Fix not enough hot water
Fix hot water is too hot
Repair hot water systems
Relocation of water heater
Removal of water heater
Fix discoloured hot water

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I would Highly Recommend Jetset Plumbing. Matty was on time, walked us through our options worst case best case scenario. He was very friendly and approachable. Will Definitely use them again.
Mike and Chris were attentive and efficient in attending to the replacement of our hot water system. They diagnosed the problem with the old unit and had a new unit installed the same day. Well done and thanks.
I found Jetset Plumbing to be very thorough, professional and friendly. No question asked was a chore to answer and explained in layman terms. Very fast in response time in coming out to fix the problem. I would definitely use them again.
I highly recommend Jetset Plumbing. I have used them for work and also at home - they are knowledgeable, prompt, reasonably priced and quality service. The guys are really friendly as well.
Today, I was provided with excellent service by Tony and I truly appreciate it. I am higly pleased with the professional service. You have definitely gained a new customer who will refer all of her friends to Jetset Plumbing.
Thank you so much Dean for fixing my tap and being my place on time. He is very professional, friendly, and fast! I love the online chat too. Very handy and responsive.

Cherie Miell

Our hot water system broke down and we called Jetset Plumbing. Mike arrived within a few hours after our initial call checked it out, ordered a new one, fixed all the previous issues we had moved it for us and by mid afternoon we were back up and running. The BEST SERVICE EVER !!!! Mike was so professional and quick. All done with a smile and a minimum of fuss. Highly recommend Mike from Jetset Plumbing.

Leisa Carrasco

Office staff were pleasant and helpful with my initial inquiries, and appointment booking. Michael was friendly, and kept me well informed from initial assessment, and quotation, through to completion of the work required. Thank you so much Michael. Thank you Jetset Plumbing.

Veronica Towers

When my water heater died I contacted Jetset Plumbing and was pleasantly surprised to hear that the team member would be there at 7.00 the next morning. Chris arrived on time, presented all the options clearly and set about installing a new heater, not a straightforward job. By lunchtime we were back up with hot water again. I would definitely use Jetset again - a good plumber is something to be treasured!

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The Hot Water System Brands We Recommend:

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Plumber ready to install a hot water system

Covering almost 30% of your average electricity bill - your hot water system is an integral part of your household plumbing.

Things to Remember When Working Out a Hot Water System Installation Cost

1. Hot Water System Type & Size

The type of hot water system and the size of it is normally the biggest pricing factor when it comes to intalling a hot water system. The 4 main types of hot water systems are:
  • Electric Hot Water System Cost - These systems draw high amounts of power to heat water on-demand. The pricing of these systems really depend on the size of the unit and the amount of water required per household.
  • Gas Hot Water System Cost - Very similar to the electric hot water system in terms of how they heat water, ga ssystems can be a little more pricey to set up.
  • Solar Hot Water System Cost - Solar is becoming more popular as the world looks into renewable energy sources. However a lot of solar systems need a bit of assistance on overcast and rainy days.
  • Heat Pump Hot Water System Cost - Similar to a solar power system, a heat pump water heater is highly efficient. But instead of utilising solar, these systems work similar to an air con where they will extract heat from ambient air and use it to heat water.

2. Delivery Charges

A factor that could effect the hot water system is delivery. This will typically depend on size and distance that the unit has to travel. Some units can weigh 15kg and some can exceed 150kg.

3. Hot Water System Installation

This particular cost will vary widely depending on the complexity of the installation. Certain variables such as the law requiring tempering valves to be fitted on every hot water system, repositioning the hot water system, switching energy types such as gas to electricity and of course the time spend installing the job. This is the main reason a plumber needs to see the job at hand before quoting and giving an accurate price.

4. Site Access

Depending on how hard the hot water system site access is will greatly effect the pricing. High roofs, stairs and unforseen obstacles will normally see an increase in labor and equipment costs.

We help you choose the best hot water systems

Hot water systems - Dux Rheem

Before you even look at the different brands you need to consider:
  • Where do you want the system installed?
  • What size will you need?
  • Are you interested in the installation cost and running costs?
  • Are you interested in the environmental impact it may have?
  • The type of system you want - is it Gas, Electric, Solar, etc?

When deciding on a new hot water system, it is important that your plumber installs one that is the correct size for your property otherwise you could see an increase in your energy bill.

Jetset Plumbing not only focus on the installation of electric hot water system repairs and replacements, but also gas hot water systems and solar hot water systems. It is important that all options are considered with your plumber, when installing a new hot water system.

Jetset Plumbing provide a full range of hot water plumbing services all under one roof, whether you’re in need of a new hot water system or just some repairs on your current system we can get the job done quickly and affordably.

We install and support all brands of hot water systems, just give us a call and one of our friendly plumbers can help you with a hot water repair.

Hot Water System Repair

Is your hot water system not heating properly anymore or leaking or tripping the power off? When the hot water system decides to break down, you need it fixed fast! We have hot water systems that can be installed fast! No more cold showers!

We repair gas, electric, instantaneous and solar hot water systems.

Ask our experts for the latest pricing and advice for all types of hot water system repairs.

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Reasons why you may not have hot water

How we install your new hot water system

Call Jetset Plumbing on
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There are normally 3 things that can go wrong with your hot water system: malfunctioning heater, sediment build up in the tank, a broken dip tube.
Generally speaking, most hot water systems will last between 7-12 years, depending on the brand and model of your current system.
When your hot water system stops working, you need to find a plumber that specializes in the maintenance and repair of all kinds of hot water systems.
We repair gas, electric, instantaneous and solar hot water systems. Ask our experts for the latest pricing and advice for all types of hot water system installations.
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