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We Supply, Install and Repair All Types of Hot Water Heaters

Covering almost 30% of your average electricity bill, your hot water system is an integral part of your household plumbing. How do you know that your hot water system is the most energy efficient for you? You don’t until you get a licensed plumber out to ensure you are getting the most out of what you have.

For example, you could have a large sized hot water system at a smaller property and a smaller hot water system at a larger property. In either case, your hot water system could be costing you more money as it’s not suited to your property.

If your hot water unit is too big, you are paying for the ongoing costs to maintain the heat in a large body of water. If you have a small hot water unit and you are constantly running out of hot water, then you are continuously paying for the energy being used to heat up all the water each time you run out.

Reasons why you may not have hot water

When deciding on a new hot water system, it is important that your plumber installs one that is the correct size for your property otherwise you could see an increase in your energy bill.

Jetset Plumbing not only focus on the installation of electric hot water system repairs and replacements, but also gas hot water systems and solar hot water systems. It is important that all options are considered with your plumber, when installing a new hot water system.

Jetset Plumbing provide a full range of Hot Water plumbing services all under one roof, whether you’re in need of a new hot water system or just some repairs on your current system we can get the job done quickly and affordably. We install and support all brands of hot water systems and repair them to, just give us a call and one of our friendly plumbers can help you 1800 443 996.

Here are our top tips to maintain your new hot water system

Choosing the best Hot Water Systems

Before you even look at the different brands you need to consider:

Where do you want the system installed
What size will you need?
Are you interested in the installation cost and running costs?
Are you interested in the environmental impact it may have?
The type of system you want (eg. Gas, Electric, etc)

Hot Water Heater Brands

Hot Water Brands, Hot Water System Companies we Install and Repair

Our services:

New hot water heater installation
Leaking hot water
Not enough hot water
Hot water is too hot

Discoloured water
Relocation of water heater
Removal of water heater

If you require a new hot water heater or if you are experiencing any kind of hot water problems Jetset Plumbing can take care of it for you simply call us on 1800 443 996. We operate all over Brisbane the Gold Coast.


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