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Backflow Testing Brisbane & Gold Coast

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Backflow Testing

What needs to be tested?

All backflow prevention devices must have annual testing; this includes RPZ Valves, Backflow Prevention Devices and Dual Check Valves.

Potential sources of water contamination include:

  • Air-conditioning units
  • Chemical injection areas
  • Fire hose reels (FHR)
  • Irrigation
  • Painting booths
  • Ponds/dams
  • Swimming pools
  • Vehicle/bin-washing bays
  • Vehicle-maintenance pits
Backflow Testing

When should I schedule my backflow testing?

Backflow Prevention Devices require annual testing by a licensed plumber. The backflow testing we provide ensures the device is operating correctly, if there is a faulty a number of problems may occur:

  • The device may not prevent contamination from entering the drinkable water supply.
  • There may be leaking and waste water causing an excess water bill, which we can provide a “Form 4” allowing you to claim some of the water bill back.
  • You may notice reduced water pressure supplying your property.

How do I get my backflow device tested?

Jetset Plumbing is backflow prevention accredited and are fully licensed plumber. Simply call us and we will book you in. Once we have done the backflow testing we will send the completed inspection report to the local council and give you a copy for your records.

Can you install and repair backflow prevention devices?

Yes we can install and repair all kinds of backflow prevention devices including all major brands such as Ames, Caleffi, Conbraco (Apollo), Febco, Flomatic, Tyco, Wilkins, Watts and Valvtec.

Who needs backflow testing?

Just about every property that isn’t residential housing needs backflow testing, for example:

  • Botanic gardens
  • Car and plant-washing facilities
  • Caravan parks
  • Club houses for sports
  • Day care centres and kindergartens
  • Dry-cleaners and laundries
  • Hospitals and funeral parlours
  • Hotels
  • Medical and dental surgeries
  • Motels and unit complexes
  • Pest control and water-carrying vehicles
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Vehicle-repair workshops