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How you can earn up to $200k per year without any on-call or after hours work.

with a great hourly rate and bonuses available to you daily

PS. We are NOT a franchise, we are a family owned and operated business.

A Message From Our Founder and Director Greg

Our mission from day 1 has been to deliver a personalised service to all our customers, that is unmatched globally through the continual development and innovation of ourselves.

I have been plumbing for 35 years and have run my own plumbing business for 30 years. Having completed work experience in year 10 at school, I was given an apprenticeship to which I am forever thankful.

This to my family was a generational shift as no one had previously completed a trade within our entire family tree, which made everyone involved quite proud.

Growing up in a housing commission area with loving parents, I was taught to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you, along with sharing, caring and always continuing to learn.

Jetset will continue to give prizes, trips and holidays to our customers, along with sponsoring a child for every staff member, as this is our way of remembering the loving legacy that my parents (who are no longer with us) would have done if they were in a position to do so.

Through gifting, their loving memory shines bright to all.

Greg - Founder of Jetset Plumbing

Thank you, Greg - Director/Founder

What Are Plumbers Saying

Matt Case Study

"Working with these guys, I thought I was a good boss working for myself but these guys are great they provide everything for us. The office staff is great, our day is planned for us. We go from job to job so we never have to worry about a full day of work, just the individual job ahead."

- Matt (Team Member for over 5 years)

Jem Case Study

"It's next level, I've never seen anything like it, it's terrific. The culture thats here the customers and everything else. You've got a good support system behind you that's next level."

- Jem (Team member for over 9.5 years)

Rylee Case Study

"I really enjoy the atmosphere Jetset provides, it's a really positive good environment. It's an amazing atmosphere. I get to wake up and it's all exciting, getting to make really good connections with not only customers but fellow plumbers and everyone I work with."

- Rylee (Team Member for over 3 years)

The culture is the secret to a successful happy team

It's the #1 reason for the 14,769 plumbers actively searching for new employment each day.

Current Employer

  • Basic award wage
  • Lack of opportunity to earn more
  • Never ending days with long hours
  • Regular after hours and on-call work
  • Never paid on time

Jetset Plumbing

  • Amazing Above Award hourly rate as a result of your experience and skillset
  • Opportunities daily to earn extra bonuses and commissions
  • Personalised training that relates to you
  • Systems to ensure you are paid on the same day, every single week
  • Loyalty that is regularly rewarded within the team
  • A culture that is unmatched anywhere else in the world

Why you don't want to miss out on this oppportunity to join Jetset

+ Forget the long days of after hours and on-call work

+ Receive an UNBELIEVABLE hourly rate + BONUS opportunities DAILY

+ Work in teams while completing jobs

+ Ultimate Job Security with the leading maintenance plumbing company in South East Queensland

+ Working conditions to suit your needs

+ Receive personalised training to help expand your skillset and knowledge

+ Your own personal sponsor child that Jetset pays for

PLUS All Our Standard benefits As well!

+ Personal work vehicle that you take home each night

+ Full uniform that is personalised to you with a unique design, we kit you out from head to toe. LITERALLY! (socks included)

+ Your own work iPhone and iPad

+ Superannuation and BONUSES paid weekly!

+ A team that supports you and your family

So What are you waiting for?

Join The Team today

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