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Dishwasher installations - Jetset Plumbing Brisbane

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Dishwasher installations - Jetset Plumbing Brisbane

Installing a dishwasher may seem to be a simple task, for some it might be. However, when they are not installed correctly by a Brisbane Plumber, we tend to find that they result in leaks and even major damage to your kitchen.

We have been to jobs where the dishwasher has been leaking causing water to spill all over the floor. On closer inspection of what had happened, the dishwasher was not installed correctly with the proper fittings as it was loose and falling apart. The customer’s cabinetry was ruined from the water damage and needed a full replacement.

All of this could have been avoided if the dishwasher was correctly installed by a local Brisbane Plumber with the correct experience and knowledge to complete the plumbing work.