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Why Are Isolation Valves So Important?

Isolation valves — or shut-off valves, are a vital part of the plumbing process, they need to be installed in water systems so that when a pipe bursts or a tap leaks, you can turn them off and mitigate the risk of a large mess and cost. An isolating valve can be closed in just a few seconds, stopping the flow of unwanted water.

These valves are lifesavers when it comes to waiting for a plumber to arrive to sort out your plumbing emergency.

Isolation Valve are common in maintenance or safety purposes

What Are Isolation Valves?

An isolation valve is a system that effectively stops the flow of water from a given location, they are usually used for maintenance or safety purposes. These valves are normally left open in day to day use so that the user can control the rate of water flow by turning on and off a tap for instance.

However, if this tap needs to be replaced, the isolation valves are shut so that there is no water flowing when the tap is removed.

Angle Valves And Isolating Points

The ideal situation for internal plumbing on any property is to have a situation where faucets can be serviced, a washing machine can be disconnected or a broken valve can be repaired — all without having to turn off the complete water supply to the property for such a minor operation.

It is vital that each plumbed point on a property such as a basin, faucet or toilet connection is fitted with an isolation valve, this will leave all other water points functions when a toilet valve won’t stop running for instance.

What If I Can’t Find Any Isolation Valves?

If a pipe has burst in your plumbing system and you are frantically looking for the nearest isolation valve but can’t find it ... don't stress. The best option at this time is to shut off the isolation valves near you water meter (which is generally located along the side of your house where the main comes in from the street).

Here at Jetset Plumbing, we strongly urge you to check your internal plumbing by looking for isolation valves in and around your home so you are prepared for emergencies — if you don't have any, we suggest you call a plumber as soon as possible to install some.

It is also recommended that you are familiar with where your water main is.

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