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Replacing Your Hot Water System This Winter? (Save Over $6520!)

Preparing winter with the hot water system

Its winter again and for plumbing it means an increase in broken or leaking hot water systems brought on by the cold weather. Hot water heaters need to work harder through winter to keep the water at temperature placing additional strain on an already old heater can cause the element or thermostat to fry. Through winter the harsh temperature changes cause copper pipes, joints, valves and hot water heaters to contract and expand stronger than in the warmer months leading to ruptured cylinders and water leaks. So if you find yourself with a broken or leaking hot water system you can blame it on winter and the age of the heater.

With so many choices of hot water heaters it can be difficult to make the right choice without professional advice. The most important factor above all when installing a new hot water system is cost. How much it costs to install and how much it costs to run. Often a customer will look purely at the install cost and forget the cost to run as if it is an uncontrollable cost. I'm here to tell you the running cost is far more important than the installation cost and you'll soon learn why and be informed to make the right decision and save yourself thousands of dollars. Take these two scenarios, two families, 2 adults 2 children, both have a 125 litre hot water system running on continuous tariff. Both families get a quote for a 125 litre hot water system ($1650 supplied and installed) and a 250 litre hot water system ($2000 supplied and installed) the 250 litre unit also needs an electrician to switch the power supply from continuous to off-peak tariff ($300).

Replacing your hot water system this winter?

*Prices are examples only, they do not include all possible hot water unit configurations, valves, pipework or extras. Savings are examples only and can vary from household to household depending on usage and other various factors. No prices on this website are quotes, they are examples only.


From the above scenario you can see Family A saves $650 on the initial install of the heater, however Family B invests $650 more and saves $6520 over 15 years in electricity! In their first year they save $478 dollars almost the cost of the upgrade! By investing in the most efficient hot water system available you can save thousands of dollars over the life of the heater. The above analysis was performed on standard enamel electric hot water tanks, there are even more savings to be had by investing in stainless steel hot water units and converting to gas systems. Please bear in mind the only time a 125 Litre unit should be installed is in a space restricted property, if there is room for a 250 Litre unit it should be the first preference.

You can see easily the incredible savings to be had by investing in your hot water heater, not to mention the lower carbon footprint and environmental benefits. Next time your hot water heater packs it in, consider the savings to be had by investing a little more now.

If you'd like to replace or upgrade your hot water system call us today to speak with one of our experienced staff members who can provide you the best solution.


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