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What Are the Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe?

As with anything that runs underground, a broken sewer pipe can be difficult to detect. A home’s main sewer line is buried beneath the yard and broken pipes are one of the biggest issues that a homeowner will face. If your sewer line is reaching its’ 20th birthday, there is a significantly higher chance that you will encounter some problems in the future. You should never let your sewer line break down into complete disrepair as this will be very costly to you. Here are a few quick tips to ensure you avoid a complete disaster…

1. Foul Smells

While you may not be able to physically see that your sewer line is broken, you can certainly smell them. If you can smell a sewer like odour, this means that there is a crack somewhere along the pipe allowing the smells to seep through and into the house.

Signs of a broken sewer drain

Our local firefighters are doing their best tackling these fires with full force. We are are so thankful for all the lives they have saved in such a disastrous time.

They are our local heroes.

2. Repeated Clogs and Blockages

Toilets, showers and sinks can often get clogged without it being a sewer problem. However, if this is happening quite frequently, then this may point to a blocked sewer drain.

The donation will go towards helping the communities that have been affected by providing them with the much needed supplies to help aid them in their time of need, as well as helping with supplies for those who are out there battling these fires whilst we are all sleeping.

3. Rodent Problems

Rats thrive in sewer lines, if you are noticing an increased number of furry friends around your home, it is definitely cause to be on high alert. Rats can squeeze through the smallest of cracks and breed and cause havoc. Not only are these animals unwanted, they are carriers of disease and attract other animals.

4. Wet Backyard

If your sewer line is broken, waste water will flow out of the small cracks and accumulate in your backyard. Some of the reasons for leaks include major collapses in the piping, tree root damage and ageing of the pipe resulting in cracks.

5. Mould Growth

Where there is mould, there is moisture and when it appears in a house it is generally the sign of a leaking pipe. Some moulds only require a humidity level of 55% to start growing and considering the climate we live in in south-east Queensland, it would not take long for a small leak to turn into a much larger scale issue.

If you are experiencing any of these tell-tale signs, it is time to give Jetset Plumbing a call. We can do a pipe relining fix on your old pipes. They'll be better than new!