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Using Thermal Imaging For Leak Detection

Leak detection used to be incredibly hard to get 100% right. But today, the equipment that is available makes it far easier to precisely pin-point leaks with non-invasive technology.

Leak detected

The way that thermal imaging works is that it detects temperature differences that are undetected by the naked human eye. This kind of leak detection technology allows for leaks to be detected quickly with no need for destruction to the house.

Mould and moisture can be quite difficult to track, especially when it comes to trying to find where the exact entry point is. The reason for this is that when you can actually see signs of moisture or mould, these visible tracks are usually nowhere near the actual leak. By employing thermal imaging leak detection technology, a path to the entry point of the moisture will be highlighted.

Signs of a hidden leak can include; hearing the sound of running water or water dripping even when nothing is turned on, mould and damp spots or a higher water bill than what you are accustomed to. When are plumbers are looking for a leak in your home, the thermal camera will show an image but unlike a normal live feed, it will be in infrared – the hotter an area, the brighter it is. Thermal imaging saves an enormous amount of time and effort from all those involved and best of all, the suspected surface area does not need to be cut into to see if the leak is actually there. This works in your favour because not only does it speed up the job, but it also means that it is less labour intensive, thus reducing the cost.

Using Thermal Imaging for Leak Detection

Thermal imaging can be employed to aid in the diagnosis and identification of leaks as well for locating the precise location of pipework. We equip all of our plumbers with state-of-the-art imaging equipment that is among the best available. Leaks can be detected through plasterboards, brick, concrete, wood and tiles.

Our plumbers have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the field. You are backed up by a company that has been servicing south-east Queensland for more than a decade and guarantee that you will always receive a top leak detection plumber. If you even suspect that there is a leak in your home or just want a little assurance that everything is in working in order, get in touch with Jetset Plumbing today.

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