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Its Brisbane’s Summer Storm Season, Is Your Plumbing Ready?

It's that time of year again, summer is on its way, and in Queensland whilst that means beaches, barbecues, and 35 degree day's it also means storms, and lots of them. With an average of between 100mm and 150mm of rainfall per month in summer for Brisbane, it's vitally important to ensure your down pipes, gutters and storm water drains are up to standard and ready for the summer onslaught to avoid flooding.

Whilst standard plumbing issues like leaky taps and blocked toilets still happen in summer, we defiantly see an increase in blocked down pipes and gutters, blocked storm water drains and roof leaks.

Brisbane storm Season is here

The other thing to keep in mind for summer is irrigation systems, whilst its hot people tend to switch on their automatic sprinkler systems. This is all well and good but if they have been lying dormant over the winter months, you need to insure that there are no blockages that have occurred in the systems due to inactivity.

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your house is prepped for summer storms to minimize the potential risk:

  • Clean out all gutters regularly
  • Inspect and Test Down Pipes for Blockages
  • Clean up leaf litter around your yard that could potentially block storm water drains
  • Remove over hanging branches that could fall off in a storm, causing damage to your home

If it's too late and you have a blockage, a leak plumber can help fix the problem as soon after a storm that it is safe to do so. Jetset Plumbing have seen it all before and are experts in blocked drains.

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