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The End Of The Solar Hot Water Rebate

On the 28th of February 2012 the Federal Government announced that the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme was over.

Solar Hot Water Rebate Canned

*Note: Any systems that were installed or ordered with a deposit paid before the 28th of February 2012 are still eligible for the rebate if the applications are received before the 30th of June 2012.

For those who missed the rebate you could have received $600.00 if you met the requirements:

  • A new system purchased after the 13th of April 2010.
  • The system must be a solar or heat pump hot water system eligible for a minimum or 20 Renewable Energy Certificates.
  • Replacing an old electric hot water system in the principle place of residence.
  • Has to be installed by a licensed contractor.

It is estimated that between 80,000 and 100,000 solar hot water systems are sold in Australia Annually.

There is a lot of controversy over the snap decision to can the rebate scheme, leaving many businesses and consumers no time to react or prepare.


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