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Why Non-Invasive Leak Detection Saves Money

We all know that plumbing can leak, especially in older systems or when no installed professionally in the first place, but quite often those leaks are out of site, in the plumbing in your walls on under your house. These leaks can go unidentified for years causing long term damage and costing you money in both water and repair bills.

Whilst sometimes you might spot a pool of water in an unusual place, or notice water damage on the wall, often you won't know about an internal leak until it's too late.

Some of the common causes of leak detection:

  • Rusting / Corrosion of Pipes
  • Earth Movement and Shifting
  • Old or Warn Fixtures
  • Water Hammer
  • Tree Roots Cracking or Collapsing Pipes

With traditional methods of leak detection you are required to physically damage the wall or floor that is stopping you from gaining access to the offending pipe just too visually inspect it. But with Jetset Plumbing's cutting edge Non-Invasive leak detection technology, we are able to use High Frequency Ultra Sonic Listening Devices to locate exactly where a leak is without a single hole in your wall or concrete.

Obviously this has advantages in regards to the aesthetics of the property but the extra cost to replaster and repaint a wall rather than a small patch job to fix the issue with pinpoint accuracy will end up saving you money in the long run.

Once the leak has been located you will need a reliable plumber to fix the issue for you, someone with experience in leaky taps, pipe replacement, pipe welding and cracked or collapsed pipes.

Non-Invasive Leak Detection

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