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How To Unblock A Toilet?

Today, other than plumbers or handy-men there are not many people that would be equipped with the knowledge or equipment to deal with a clogged toilet. If you were staring into the toilet bowl and the water was rapidly rising, would you know what to expect or how to approach? Down below we have explained the easiest way to unblock a toilet – but proceed at your own caution, naturally it is better for a professional to handle a situation but here are the details if you are in dire need…

How to unblock a toilet?

To begin with, you will need to stop the toilet bowl from filling up more than it already is. To do this, take the lid off the toilet tank and close the toilet flapper. The flapper is essentially a plug that either allows water to rise or releases it. Once this has been done, you will have to get your plunger. Make sure that this plunger is the best style for unblocking toilets, these ones are the funnel-cup plungers. These plungers create a better seal between the plunger itself and the toilet bowl, as they have an added piece of rubber extending off the bottom.

Plungers work best when they are more pliable. Warm them up by running them under hot water which will help in softening the rubber and creating a better seal. Put the plunger into the toilet bowl and ensure that a solid seal is formed over the hole. Contrary to popular belief, the pullback is just as vital as the downward push when it comes to plunging technique. Pull up and push down with the plunger to manually flush the toilet and if the water begins to clear, your unblocking job is succeeding.

How to unblock a toilet?

One of the best tricks of the trade is to add a few cups of hot water to the bowl before plunging begins. Let this sit for a few minutes and then you will be more than ready to begin plunging. The heat from the water can sometimes act as a dissolvent which makes unblocking the clog easier.

Sometimes that little bit of elbow grease just doesn’t cut it and you may have to call a plumber. If the clog doesn’t budge or water starts backing up in sinks or showers when you flush, it is definitely time to bring in a plumber.

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