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How Is Pipe Relining Done?

6 Steps To Jetset's Relining Process

Services: Pipe Relining

If you have older sewer pipes that are needing to be replaced – do not fear!!

Many people assume the worst as in the past these pipes would need to have been completely replaced, leaving your yard in shambles and tearing up precious landscaping along the way.

Fear no more, as pipe relining may be the best option for you. Some plumbers will elect to do it the traditional way and completely replace your pipes, but this is because they likely do not have the equipment or training needed to undertake this task.

How is Pipe relining done?

There are a few different pipe relining products available on the market, our hot tip to anyone reading this – make sure you ONLY use WaterMark Approved and Brawoliner products as others that are available are simply not up to the standard of these.

We have tried and tested many different products and the reasons why we have stuck with our product is that it flows into any joins and cracks before setting. This means that there will be no gaps for material or tree roots to grow into and wreak havoc in the future.

One of Jetset Plumbing’s trusted plumbing technicians will attend your property and assess the area. All of our plumbers are stocked with the appropriate equipment and they will use a CCTV drain camera as well as a high pressure water jetter to ensure that all the blockages are clear and determine what state your pipe is in.

This way the plumber can physically see inside your pipe and precisely where the problem areas are.

After this is completed, the plumber will then insert an approved liner that is coated in a special resin. A bladder is inflated to ensure the lining is completely sealed against your old pipe. Now all there is left to do is wait for the liner to cure and harden and then the bladder will be removed.

Another inspection with the CCTV drain camera is carried out to guarantee that everything is in place and your new liner is in 100% working order.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us today and we can walk you through the process.

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