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2012 Gold Coast Floods Cause Major Plumbing Issues

The heavy rain and flooding on the Gold Coast is causing all kinds of plumbing problems due to the pressure on pipes and drainage.

If you have a roof leak the best thing you can do is simply stick a bucket underneath the leak and arrange a plumber to come out and fix it. Please remember Workplace Health and Safety procedures won't allow plumbers on roofs during rain.

Gold Coast Flood causes plumbing issues

Blocked storm water drains have been extremely common, much of the leaves and debris is ending up in drain pipes causing them to become blocked. Our plumbers recommend booking us in to clear the blockage with a High Pressure Water Jetter, these are the most effective tools on the market for clearing blocked drains, far more effective than the inferior Electric Eel.

To avoid blocked storm water pipes, downpipes and gutters we recommend clearing leaves and debris from your property and gutters regularly ONLY when it is safe to do so however.

If you are experiencing any roof leaks, blocked storm water drains or any other plumbing issues on roofs please call us on 1800 443 996 we operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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