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Do Plumbers Need Google Reviews?

There’s no denying the fact that as a plumber you will receive Google reviews for your work at some point in your career. Customers who post a review wants to provide feedback for your business. It could be anything from a nice comment to critical feedback who wasn’t satisfied with the job.

But are they necessary today and do they still hold importance?

Getting reviews from your customers have always and still is beneficial for your plumbing business. Today the importance is greater than ever because a 5-star rating on Google could be your competitive edge over your competition.

Google reviews are beneficial to succeeding in business. For e.g. I wanted to know how previous customers went with a plumber, I seek out their reviews. It’s the logical thing to do and an unbiased third party tells me more about a plumber, more than anyone else. The more Google reviews will level you higher to build trust, authority, and expertise online and help pick out the best from the crowd.

Just check our own plumber reviews. We started with nothing to 200 reviews late last year, 6 months later we’ve hit an addition 500 reviews and counting. Jetset Plumbing utilises Google reviews as a marketing tool and turns them into boosters for business. Customers living on the Gold Coast are cautious of bad plumbers because they can be quite common here. Our reviews help to decide whether our company is good or bad for our potential customers.

The quality and quantity of Google reviews is an important factor for being found on Google and boost local SEO. People look near and far for great service and you should be doing method too.

In conclusion, the business listing that includes the most customer reviews will reach greater credibility and naturally receive more clicks than everyone else.


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