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This is what Jetset Plumbing is doing in Burundi

We sponsor a child in Burundi for every staff member at Jetset, which all our staff are so proud of, which we can do because of our great customers like YOU.

The Republic of Burundi is an African nation that lies just below Rwanda and opposite the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After finally gaining independence in 1962, a number of assassinations and coups led to instability across the whole country. Two civil wars and a number of genocides later, Burundi is currently the fourth poorest country in the world and the hungriest country in the world. The total annual production of food would only cover 55 days per person per year.


Right now, there’s a girl dreaming of a brighter future

She’s living in poverty, but she knows there is still a chance.

Still a chance to break free from the cultural barriers that has held the women in her family back for generations.

Still a chance she can learn to read and write.

Still a chance she can finish school.

Still a chance to be a kid.

Being forced to marry at the age of 12 and expected to fall pregnant is no life for any girl of that age.

With your support, these girls can take back their childhoods and their basic rights, like education.

The odds are against them, just because they are girls. But they deserve to reach their dreams, too.

You are helping us to change the structures and barriers that keep vulnerable girls from reaching their potential.

You are saving lives.

You are making a difference.
You are changing the world.
You are making these girls’ dreams possible.
You are part of something special.
You are making the world a better place.
Thank you.

Thanks to you and your ongoing support, we together, are making a difference to so many lives in Burundi.

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