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10 Reasons Why Should You Be A Plumber

Are you in Year 10, 11 or 12 and trying to decide what career you want to pursue? Maybe you have already finished high school years ago and are thinking of a new career change? Whatever your background, here are ten reasons as to why you should consider becoming a plumber.


1. Social Interaction

As a plumber, you won't be stuck in an office all day, as you are constantly traveling and meeting and interacting with new people all the time. If you're a friendly person and offer your clients good customer service, you can also generate a significant amount of income through these positive genuine interactions.

2. Earn While You Learn

Unlike going to university where you have to pay for your education and then graduate, to start earning money in your profession, becoming a plumber means getting paid from the very beginning, even in the apprenticeship stage. While salaries are not high for an apprentice, there is still a stable income from the very beginning, with increments as experience grows.

3. Job Demand

Employment for plumbers is projected to grow 12% from 2014 to 2024, faster than other average occupations. Construction of buildings which need new plumbing systems should drive demand for these workers as well as repairing ageing pipe systems.

4. Job Satisfaction

Possessing the knowledge and skill to execute a job from start to finish with precision leads to incredibly job satisfaction for many. Many plumbers love their job as each day they are helping fix other people's plumbing problems with the knowledge they have gained from their education and experience.

5. Be Your Own Boss

Professional plumbers can always choose to go into business for themselves. Owning your own plumbing business means you can work when you want and where you want, which is great for those who have family obligations or need flexibility in scheduling or location.

Plumber fixing a tap

6. Variety Within Plumbing

Many see plumbing as a one way career, but there is so much more that can be achieved once you've finished your apprenticeship. Plumbing related professions include a; Hydraulic Engineer, Plumbing Inspector, Workplace Health and Safety Officer, Project Manager, Plumbing TAFE Teacher or a business owner.

7. Practical Application

During your apprenticeship there is theoretical TAFE work that has to be completed in a classroom, but unlike many university degrees, this directly translates into practical on-site work at the same time. Learning becomes easier and more enjoyable when the theory is able to be applied to a job.

8. Job Security

Unlike many other jobs, it would take a significant economic downfall to have an impact on the plumbing sector. Plumbers are required for new builds where there is no plumbing to begin with, just as they are required for existing properties where old plumbing goes wrong and it needs to be fixed. So wherever you look, there will be plumbing jobs to consider looking.

9. Climbing the Ladder

Like with many trades, putting in your time means moving up the ladder of success. Once you move from apprentice to qualified plumber, your wages increase significantly. The more skilled you are, the more likely you are to move up in your job and begin earning more, this could even lead to branching off into starting your own plumbing business.

10. Great Pay

As an added bonus if the other reasons are not enough, plumbing contractors, alongside electricians, are one of the highest paid contractors in Australia.


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